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Practice Standards Index

§40-6-119, MCA, XIX

Duties of Counsel

§41-5-130, MCA, XIII-2

Ancillary Proceedings, VI-32

§41-5-1602, MCA, XIII-4

Challenging the Prosecution’s Case, VI-19

§41-5-206, MCA, XIII-4

Client Interview, VI-3

§46-14-311, MCA, VI-24

Closing Argument, VI-21

§46-14-312, MCA, VI-24

Defendant’s Right to an Appeal, VI-29

§46-8-103 MCA, X-2

Defendant’s Right to Apply to the Sentence Review Panel, VI-30

§53-20-112, MCA, XV, XX

Discovery, VI-7

§53-21-111, MCA, XVI-2

General, VI-1

§53-21-112, MCA, XVI

Investigation, VI-6

§53-21-116, MCA, XIV

Jury Instructions, VI-22

§53-24-301, MCA, XXI

Motion for a New Trial, VI-28

§53-24-302, MCA, XXI

Opening Statement, VI-18

§53-24-303, MCA, XXI-1

Plea Negotiation, VI-12, 13, 14, 15

§53-24-304, MCA, XXI-1

Postconviction Relief, VI-31


Preliminary Hearing, VI-5

Accounting and Billing System, IV-3

Presenting the Defendant’s Case, VI-10

Adam Walsh Act, VI-15

Pretrial Motions, VI-9, 10, 11

Alford plea, VI-13

Pretrial Release, VI-2, 4

Ancillary Proceedings, VI-32

Sentencing Hearing, VI-23

Anders v. California, X-2         

Theory of the case, VI-8

Appeal, VI-29

Trial Preparation, VI-16

Appellate Advocacy Standards, X  
Application of Standards, I-2

Eligibility of client, I-1

Attorney-Client Communication, IV-1

Experts, VI-6

Attorney-Client Relationship


Conflicts of Interest, III-4

Facilities and Support Services, VIII

Duration of Representation, III-3


Initial Contact, III-2

Guardian ad litem, XXIII

Nature of Representation, III-1


Habeas Corpus, XIV-3

Budget, VIII

Hobbs Act, VI-15

CASA, XXIII Indian Child Welfare Act, XVII-1
Case, V-2

Interviewing witnesses, VI-6

Case Selection

Investigation, VI-6

Nature of Case, II-1

Involuntary Commitment


Alcoholism, XXI

Evaluation, V-2

Mental Disorder, XIV

Individual Public Defender, V-1

Parent or Guardian of a developmentally disabled person, XX

Client Interview, VI-3

Serious Developmental Disability, XV

Commitment hearing, XV-3

Compensation, IX Jury Instructions, VI-22
Conditions of Release, VI-3 Jury Selection, VI-17

Conflict Cases, III-5

Challenging for Cause, VI-17

Conflicts of Interest, III-4


Action after identifying

Kids’ Management Authorities (KMAs), XIII-1

Another person/former client might have committed the crime


Claim of ineffective assistance of counsel

Minor who is voluntarily committed under §53-21-112, MCA, XVI


Montana Youth Court Act, XIII-1


Motion for a New Trial, VI-28

Employee as potential prosecution witness or alleged victim

Motion to withdraw conflict of interest, III-4

Ethical wall



Nolo Contendere, VI-13

Former client as potential prosecution witness or alleged victim

North Carolina v. Alford, VI-13

Motion to withdraw



Opening Statement, VI-18

Policy and Guidance

Organization and Conflict of Interest, III-4

Simultaneous representation

Organization of the State Public Defender System, III-4


Contract Attorneys, IV-2

Performance Evaluations, IV-4

Contract Oversight, IV-2

Physical evidence, VI-6

Proficiency Determination, IV-5

Plea Negotiation, VI-12, 13, 14, 15

Cross-examination, VI-19

Police reports, VI-6

  Postconviction Standards, XI

Delivery of Services, IV-2

Postconviction Relief, VI-31

Dependent/Neglect Cases

Preliminary Hearing, VI-5

CASA/GAL Representation, XXIII

Pretrial Motions, VI-9, 10, 11

Child’s Diminished Capacity, XXII-4

Pretrial Release, VI-2, 4

Child’s Expressed Wishes, XXII, 4

Proficiency Determination for Contract Attorneys, IV-5

Parent Representation, XVII

Prospective Jurors, VI-17

Direct examination, VI-20

Publicizing of Services, II-2

Discovery, VI-7

Discrimination, I-3 Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organization (RICO), VI-15

DNA testing, XI-3

Redirect, VI-20


Respondent in a Guardianship or Conservatorship Proceeding, XVIII


Sentence Review Panel, VI-30


Sentence Review Standards, XII


Sentencing, VI-24, 25, 26, 27


Sentencing Guidelines, VI-15


Sentencing Hearing, VI-23


Standby Counsel, VII, 1, 2


Theory of the Case, VI-8


Uniform Parentage Act, XIX


Voir Dire, VI-16, 17


Youth Standards


Youth Court, XIII


Youth in Dependent/Neglect Proceedings, XXII


Youth subject to the jurisdiction of the District Court, XIII-4

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